Some excerpts from the Handbook for Drivers:


  • How people think of Willems Business Cars is mainly determined by the behaviour of the driver. On you, as the driver, therefore the task rests to make a good impression by:
    - Being polite towards clients, fellow road-users, and other public.
    - Accuracy at carrying out the activities.
    - Neatness of clothing and material.
    This Handbook for Drivers can serve as important aid at implementing your task as driver. It namely contains instructions and information with regard to modes of operation and procedures.
  • You should always behave correctly, both in traffic, during the rides, and also when you make private use of the car (no unnecessary noise when closing doors, unnecessary sounding of the horn, sexual intimidation of passengers, etc.).
  • Complaints and remarks by clients/passengers should be reported. This can be done by telephone and/or by means of a complaints registration form. A dispute must be prevented at all times; please refer to the complaints procedure if necessary.
  • The use of alcoholic beverages during working hours is strictly prohibited. During your private time you should take into account that you have to comply at least with the legally set requirements during your working hours. The use of drugs or other hallucinogenic substances is prohibited as well.
  • Within the framework of carrying out his activities, the driver should at all times comply with the traffic regulations. To this means, it is recommended to make use of the aids of cruise control and the limit function. This prevents driving too fast unaware.
  • The driver is dressed correctly: the costume of Willems Business Cars, black socks, white shirt and Willems necktie, neat, closed black shoes, neat (winter) coat. Even when it is very warm, the driver should always wear his necktie. During commercial rides you should wear the jacket, unless the passenger indicates that you may take it off.
  • A driver should always see to it that he or she has a neat and representative appearance. This comes with the job and the clientele. This means the following:
    The hair should be neat and cared-for. It should not be dyed in exceptional colours, or cut or modelled in deviating models.
    Tattoos should never be visible for the client.
    Drivers should not have any visible piercing. Apart from that, men are not allowed to wear earrings.
  • Smoking is always prohibited inside the vehicles: both for passengers and drivers.
  • Especially for commercial rides: sense whether the passenger does indeed feel the need for a conversation. At this, the rule of thumb applies: whatever is heard in the car remains confidential information!